Get Your ‘Cyber-Nets’ Ready for Harvest – Now!

This is a now word from Patricia King.

I had a vision of nets drying on giant iron hooks and the Lord said it is time to take down the nets. It is time for all of us to play our part in the connections of the “net”

Be spurred on!

Lynn Busby


One Blue Horse

cyber earth2Patricia King, Maricopa, AZ

The Harvest Season Has Begun

God is granting a powerful and massive harvest of souls along with effective, supernatural, discipleship and mentoring of new Believers. This in-gathering has already begun as many nations, churches, and individuals are already reaping massive harvests. The intensity of the in-gathering will escalate over the next two years. When Jesus speaks of the in-gathering of souls into His Kingdom, He speaks of both nets and sickles. It is time to get your nets and sickles ready. The time to reap is now!

Many times we are looking to years down the road for a great in-gathering of souls to be reaped, but the Lord is saying, “Put down the nets now – put your sickle in now! It is not for the future it is for today!”

Luke 5:4 NASB Jesus says: “…Put out into the deep water and let down…

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