Giants in the Land Part 2

 I was dancing and punching the air like a boxer. In front of me was my coach who was encouraging me by hitting my arm and saying, “you are the unapologetic, and unashamed John Voss”. We started going up a flight of stairs together and he repeated twice (making it a total of 3 times) “You are the unapologetic and unashamed John Voss.” We continued to the top of the stairs where I could see a room so large that I could not see the end of its’ dimensions.


I related this dream in a previous post titled Port Alberni Prayer Journey

It was of great interest to me when I became aware of a prophetic word from Dutch Sheets that came forward that involved boxing. ‘Defeating the Giants” is a word you can read in full on his blog. I feel it important enough to include the basics of it here.

“I was a boxer in a fighting ring, facing five giants, in five rounds. Alternating fists, I knocked out one giant per round with just one blow to each opponent. When I finished taking out the giants, I raised my fists and said, “If you are going to take out the giants in this season, you are going to have to wear these two gloves.” On one glove was written the word “Everlast;” on the other glove, “Evergreen”.

The meaning of this dream would take years for Mr. Sheets to unpack. He published it in two parts on his blog in 2015 but it is still full of power and relevance as any true prophetic word should. Basically, this word tells us  the giants that we face today can be taken out by two punches, two fists. This is a metaphor for something else, of course,  we fight by understanding and applying two eternal truths.

Both truths are found in Genesis 21.

In faith, we put on the glove Everlast which refers to the understanding that our Covenant is still in effect with the God named Olam-El, Ancient of Days, the God who has no beginning and no end, One Who is above and beyond time. The Who resides above our power to mess things up, this is the One we can call upon to be faithful in the face of the accusations of the enemy.

In battles of any kind we win when we claim Covenant!

This advice about spiritual warfare sounds vaguely reminiscent of the verses found in Ephesians 6 that teach us about spiritual warfare using what would have been common knowledge of the day, the Roman soldiers’ armor. A metaphor was used to teach about spiritual things. If it sounds flaky to you to use a dream to interpret God’s word or intention I encourage you to dig deeper into the bible about dreams and visions. Google has made it so easy! Just think how much was changed in the thinking of the Jews when Peter had the vision of the sheet coming down with the unclean animals on it and God told him to eat.

I have digressed, albeit for good reason, let us return to Dutch Sheets’ revelation, about the boxing gloves bearing Everlast and Evergreen. I have written about the Everlast glove referring to the Ancient of Days. The Evergreen glove reference is also found in Genesis 21 in verse 33. This scripture tells us that before calling on Olam El, the Everlasting God, Abraham planted a tamarisk tree.

A tamarisk tree is an evergreen tree—a symbol of everlasting, forever real covenant with God. So, we see in this story, that in a way Abraham was familiar with walking in the  Everlast and Evergreen.

In ‘Giants in the Land’ I talked about how the land where most of our battles lie is an internal one, in our own struggles against fear or unbelief. When we grasp these two eternal spiritual truths, we can use them as the sword of the spirit against such giants. They are the weapons by which we fight. I recall for you 1 Timothy 1: Timothy, my son, I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well.

God gives prophetic words like this boxing story as contemporary parables, to show us strategies as to how to practically walk in the spirit on a day-to-day basis. One picture is worth a thousand words and seeing ourselves as boxers is a scriptural one. When your enemy comes with doubts or accusations, speak out the truth of the eternal nature of God’s covenant with Abraham which the Christian has inherited.

Fight on!



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