Giants in the Land

Do you hear yourself saying things that you did not know?  Perhaps you glimpse something of the future, or you see something in someone else’s heart or even your own and it is out of your mouth before your brain has time to process it? These are prophetic utterances that come from His Spirit through your spirit, bypassing your mind.  You might have  to ‘chew on it’ for a period of time. It often happens to me in prayer. I have developed the ability to listen when God is birthing a prayer inside of me instead of listing off petitions that come from my own heart. Just such a thing happened a few years ago and it remains as crystal clear. I prayed, “Lord, let me be your Normandy”.  I heard myself say it and knew that it was God, but I did not understand what the prayer was asking. Three years, a visit to France, and a little research later, I have some knowledge. The intercession that cried out for a Normandy was for a place for the Spirit to have a beachhead for victory in my own, and  the lives of others.

In part, the reason why we must take seriously the lesson in the OT of the Israelites sojourn into the promised land is because we are the land God wants to conquer. He puts us into a ‘wilderness’ just like His people back then so that we can learn no matter what circumstance we are in, to trust Him. We are there so that we can learn how to conquer the giants.

You are the land and the giants we most commonly up against are fear and unbelief. The wilderness is your set up to discover whether or not you trust God until you come into your promised land. The Israelites had to cross over and kill giants in order to come into their promised land.  Where are you going, around in circles or are you entering in? Trusting God is always the lesson. the test is always peace. Will I lose it because of what is taking place in my life? The devil does not know what to do with a person at peace. They had to cross over and the ultimate giant to overcome was and ours still is: fear.

Many of us think that spiritual warfare happens in the atmosphere around us. I contend that most it happens in the land within us!  It is true that we must conquer the giants in the world and in the atmosphere but they can be handled by God and His angels, with the participation of our prayers too, of course. There is a job though, that ONLY WE CAN DO, which is use our will.

Proverbs 16: 32 says, “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.

Think about this. He who rules his own spirit is stronger than he who captures a city. Why? Because the first is more difficult. Once you have done the former, you can do the latter. The expression, ‘he is his own worst enemy’ can be true. This is why the Lord put it in my heart to become a Normandy, which was the place of great sacrifice but was also the place where the allies started to win WWII.

In order to win the fight against the armies around us we must win the battle against the giants within us. God wants to establish a Normandy, a beachhead in us. A place where He can advance His kingdom. In order to do that, we must be won first. He must win us over, conquer us. Then we, like David, who challenged the giant for daring to defy the God of Israel,must challenge everything in us that would defy our trust in Him.  To me, this is what it means to be a Christian; to be a warrior in the land, my own ‘land’ within me. With one glance of His eyes, He has undone me, and I want with all my heart to be His alone.

What are the giants in your life? What tells you that you cannot trust God? Kill it.

How? First stop agreeing with it and then read the bible, preferably out loud.

For example a weapon against the giant fear is Psalm 91.

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