By Tyler Medina

I released a word some time ago about the Boeing 747 and the spiritual implication behind it. However, though I wrote this word I forgot about what the Lord had spoken until I woke up this morning at 7:47 am and this word was rekindled in my spirit.

God said it’s time for the pioneers and reformers to be launched throughout the earth. There is a clarion call being released where God is awakening and activating the mantles of those who have been hidden away in the secret place. He is calling them to arms and He is calling them to battle.

There is a company of Moseses who will awaken out of their slumber, called to assist in carrying out the next great reform. An awakening unlike anything the body of Christ has ever seen before. God is breathing a fresh wind on His people, and like Jeremiah it will be as fire shutting up in your bones. (See Jeremiah 20:9) Like Moses, there is a mandate to lead His bride out of her current captivity and lead her into the promise. The land flowing with milk and honey.

It was summer of 2017 I released the word about the 747’s arising. Today God spoke to me and said “now is the time.” For those who did not have a chance to read the original word, I was taken into a vision where I saw 747s taking off throughout the earth and God urged my spirit to study it out. 747 in the Hebrew concordance means “pioneering leader.” God began to speak to my spirit about pioneers moving out and taking back the land. Pioneering movements of reform, bringing liberation to the captives, and bringing expansion to the Kingdom.

Today when the Lord woke me up at 747 am it was like a gust of wind hitting my spirit. I began to relaunch my study of this particular plane, or to some known as a “jumbo jet.” The Boeing company released this plane in January of 1970. Exactly 48 years to date. God spoke to me and said 40 is the number of transition, and 8 is the number of new beginnings. 48 means “the Father is exalted,” or “lifted high.”

I believe this is a time where the church will transition into new beginnings of a greater reform. A time and place where they will lift Jesus high, and exalt His Holy name. A time where they will experience the winds of transition in their lives unlike ever before. This movement will carry remnants of the past revivals. Meaning remnants of Azusa, remnants of Brownsville, remnants of Toronto… but all the same time carrying an entirely new DNA intertwined with the fresh rain of heaven. Where the glory of the latter house will be greater than that of the former says the Lord Almighty. (See Haggai 2:9)

It will not be the first great awakening, nor the second great awakening. It will be THE GREATEST AWAKENING, one that will awaken the bride and she will not fall back asleep into her slumber. This is the hour of the reformer!

Along with their ability to fly at great speeds and to great distances, the 747 also set the record for greatest capacity of passengers. This movement will not be one of self interest and self gain. It will be a movement of a nameless and faceless generation, yielded to the presence and glory of God. Where these reformers go, they will not be alone in their travels. They will take a multitude with them out of captivity and into the land of Canaan. The place infused with the glory and promise of God, where the overflow of His presence is their portion and prize. For God is a rewarded of those who diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6) This movement will be birthed and sustained through people that sought Him out and have remained with their face hidden at His feet.

It is time for the reformers to arise in the land. It is time for the people of God to rise up out of their captivity and soar to new heights. A heightened position of presence, authority, and glory. The place where serpents and scorpions can’t reside. He is calling His people higher. Arise and grab ahold. Let the transitional winds of Glory catch your sail and shift you onto the course of your destiny. Now is the time church. Reformers arise!!


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