Who am I

This is a continuation of some of my thoughts on DNA. There is an obsession with identity in our culture today as evidenced in the massive popularity of websites like ancestry.com. There are fifteen major suppliers of ancestral DNA testing kits in the U.S.

So many entertainment documentaries online and on TV are focused on an individuals’ quest to discover “who am I? “, through tracing their ancestral roots. Discovering self, being yourself, and self acceptance are highly celebrated.

How does this fit in with a biblical world view? What does God say?

Psalm 139 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb14

No matter who is your father or who is your mother and what chromosones they offered you; you are not just a chemical formula. You are not only a string of data.

The you that loves, that hungers, that hates, this is your spirit that was made to be connected back to God your Creator. The part of you that will live forever is meant to be filled with Love. And God is Love. If nothing else the Cross of Christ proves it.

Recently I had an opportunity to choose pain, and I did. Why do we do that?

To hold on to hurt in the part of ourselves that was meant to be filled with a Holy Presence?

Go back and read Psalm 139 in its entirety. In every part of our thoughts He is there.


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