The Night Watch

Psalm 130
A song of the stairway
1 Lord, I cry out to you out of the depths of my despair!
2 Hear my voice, O God! Answer this prayer and hear my plea for mercy.
3 Lord, if you measured us and marked us with our sins,
who would ever have their prayers answered?
4 But your forgiving love is what makes you so wonderful.
No wonder you are loved and worshiped!
5 This is why I wait upon you, expecting your breakthrough,
for your word brings me hope.
6 I long for you more than any watchman
would long for the morning light.
I will watch and wait for you, O God,
throughout the night.

I dream of a woman in a white dress with a powdered face and pearls singing in a strange language over a baby with no name.

I dream and I have the answer; I wake up and the answer flees.

I only know that the child must not yet be named.

I am that woman and the child a church.

I sing over her with love in the night. Words that are a mystery to me,

yet they rise out of me in the night

Like a watchman that waits for the morning, So my soul waits for your answers God

I stand on tiptoe, clutch the windowsill with child hands and peer eagerly

Is it time yet? Is it time for life to start?

Will you meet with me?


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