lens matters

When a person starts seeing visions, having dreams, hearing God’s voice, they want to tell everyone, everything, they are hearing. Natural enough, it is so exciting!

It was the same for me. I remember my pastor adopting a patient look, when I would tell him the latest revelation I had received. Others were not as compassionate. I did not understand! Why was it not exciting to them, as well!

I matured, I heard more, I learned more. In fact, the rejection I experienced worked in my favour. Discouraged, hurt, I would turn to God. I entered the school of the prophets. Haha!  Those of you in this school know why I insert a chuckle.

There is nothing like being schooled by the Lord. His discipline reaches depths that mere words do not. He has a way of saying things that expose our hearts. I learned to be careful about complaining to the Lord!

Once, I asked the Lord, why a particular word was not being received. UT-oh.

Did YOU receive it?, was the response. That quiet settled around me.

“I am listening, Lord.”

He went on, showing me, how I was a blabber. That I did not take in words for myself first, allowing them to have a corrective work over my own soul. He reminded me that He told His prophet to EAT the scrolls He gave them. Just like His discipline, at first sweet, with a bitter edge when you take it in for yourself first. Then, only then, can it be a fire in the belly.

I stopped talking and did more listening.

I mentioned in a previous post how much of what we revive as  a prophetic person in the beginning is to cleanse our own hearts, clear the log out of our own eye, before we attempt to help another.

Prophetic gifting is often described as the eye of the body, and symbolized, in dreams by glasses and cameras. Night vision glasses are an excellent way to think about the prophetic. Using this gift, we can see our enemy, where they are, what they are up to.

You have heard of rose-coloured glasses? Whatever your outlook on life, that is your lens, that is going to affect the way you see in the prophetic. A naive, always positive, rose coloured perspective will add that hue to everything, putting a sleepy dream like quality on your words, having little power to change.


There are also what I call, forgive me, but, sh*t coloured glasses. This is when you have a negative outlook on life. All of your prophetic words have a tone of negativity, and in fact, even if accurate, do not help anyone, they don’t give people hope. There is no empowerment for change here, either.

The prophetic person spends a lot of time with God, just getting cleaned up; washed by the water of the word so to speak.

So when you see something, do what is spoken of as “pressing in”. Spend time with God. Seek to understand it as if He were speaking only to you, not as if you were “receiving a prophetic word”  Know what I mean?

Here is an interview with a seer and her experience prophetic tv



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