drive-thru devotions

I know, you know the feeling. Things are going well.

Sitting in your favorite chair, the devoted chair, the dedicated time,

the right music, and daily reading accomplished.

I have done well. I sit waiting for my reward, my treat.  I write, record, self-satisfied.

Another “quiet time” under my belt.

I have what I came to receive. My fresh word. My daily bread.

Now I can believe that I am ok with God.

He is still talking to me; I must be on His good side.

Pride reaches around and pats my shoulder, “well done”


Yes, you are right. The conversation was not over.

“Is that all you wanted?”

I pause, with an accelerated heartbeat, “what’s that Lord?

“Did you get what you came for?”

“Do you want fries with that?”‘

Conviction tugs inside my stomach, and my heart sinks as I continue to listen.

“Is that all you wanted? Your word for the day, and now you are going to leave?”

wantfries (2)

“Is that all you wanted?”, He said in that ‘a pin could drop’ silence.

“Is it all you want, to seek My hand and that is enough for you?”

” Feed me quick,so I can feel good about myself. I can go on my way with my trophy,

my,  “word for the day” that I can share with others and be known as the prophet.”

” I might as well ask if you want fries with that? Would a word from anyone do?”

“Do you just want to look for my hand to feed you, or will you stay until you

can not only hear My words but also, see My Face.

I feed the birds of the air, from my Hand, do they take pride in that?

I have created you as one able to spend time with me, for my own sake, to get to know

Me, to be in a relationship with Me, not so that you can hear My words and use it for

your own benefit.”

Realization dawns that I have the ability to affect God’s heart.

I can use Him, hurt Him, or bless Him, and make Him happy.

I settle more deeply into the chair.



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