beautiful to me


desert-drought-dehydrated-clay-soil-60013.jpegThis word caught my attention today.  as i am traveling for a few days and find a deep fellowship in these surprising places. the appearance of power and the reality of powerlessness is universal, don’t you think? blessed are we to remember it is so.

powerlessness what a precious place to find oneself.

nothing will take you to an enlightened state like powerlessness.

when death is imminent. when your mate has betrayed you. when you child is injured. when you’ve made a terrible mistake. when the powers that be have kicked you out. when the man holds a gun to your chest. when you are hungry and the checking account is at $1.23. when the shiny promises of god seem to be broken sentence fragments that fell off the fridge and into the dust.

in my head powerlessness looks like a vast barren land. no building for shelter, no tools …

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