I reveal my age again

Many will probably not be able to hear the sound of that Paul Simon song.

gives us the nice bright colours, gives us the greens of summers,

makes all the world like a sunny day, oh yah, I got a Nikon camera

I love to take a photograph…

We have digital cameras now.

I have discovered and have confirmed by other sources that a camera often represents the prophetic. All kinds of analogies I could go into, but not here and now.

I just want to talk about light and negatives. Pardon me, while I pull in a section of a dream.


I am  going on a missions trip. People planning which tourist sites they will go instead of asking God where they are to go. I  walk in to a meeting and march right up to the front and deliver a confronting warning message. There is a woman who is trying to take me to convince me that my message is not God

She has decided that  is going to play baseball instead of doing outreach with others. She  is sure that because of her success as a player, God would want her to use the skill set that she was familiar with and that was enough spirituality. I tell her something is a little off. She says, “a little off? And THAT LITTLE BIT OFF GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO BE SO CRITICAL AND CONFRONTATIONAL?” I use caps because her voice definitely escalates.

My response is, “Yes because it only takes being a LITTLE bit off plumb in the foundation to cause the building to fall at some point in future, it is inevitable. It will be alright once we get to our  destination. When we arrive, all are sightseeing. The terrain is unique. Dark. Indistinguishable groupings of plants are interspersed with bits of desert. I take pictures, and realize that the plants are actually rocks.

I am trying to get enough light that this fact will show up in my photos, the fact that these plants are rocks. A man starts mocking  me. He is saying I have become like everyone else in my group, a tourist instead of a minister. He does not understand how my bringing light to the terrain to reveal the nature of the “plants”  and taking pictures is a spiritual gift. END

Here is an analogy of the prophetic. We make the terrain distinguishable. Identify things.

Today, we do not use negatives in developing pictures.

Most of us don’t.

Most of us don’t use  negative feedback that  we get from others, either.

It is out of fashion to give an opposing opinion.

I heard someone say recently, ” God is not a love-bunny in the sky”  One would think so, though by the outpouring of positive prophetic material in Christian culture.

There is  little knowledge or ability in the reception and use of constructive feedback.

I am not talking about a return to the old ” I am a worm in the sight of an angry God, turn or burn.” kind of Christianity.

There is need for more use of brain matter in the body of Christ.

The head in the sky, “As long as God said it, that settles it”, we don’t have to do anything to make it happen” philosophy does not work!

It is time to put and hands and feet to our prayers.

It is time for prophetic people to give the whole picture.

We went from judgemental to” lovey-dovey” and now we need to have both.

I think we actually need to be trained how to accept “negatives” in order to “develop”.

We have had lots of milk. The body of Christ needs meat for the days ahead.





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