west coast wave

Have you ever noticed that Jesus used the literary device of simile often when describing the kingdom of God? It is like…a mustard seed, a tree, a house built on different kinds of foundations, sand, rock, etc?  He will use something that is commonly understood in order to describe a mystery, putting it within the easy grasp of anyone “with an ear to ear”,  willing to listen.

The Holy Spirit whispers to me often in just this way. For example, the other day, , it was Thursday I believe,, I sat quietly, listening. I hear, ” I will open Canada up by my Holy Spirit  like a nutcracker, with the shifting of plates, I will open it up with a huge wave like at Port Alberni. I then saw a picture of a jagged path from the west coast into the interior like a cracked egg.

I sat, thinking about this, my memory was then jogged that there was a huge earthquake many years ago in Port Alberni. I looked  it up, in 1964 there was an earthquake in Alaska that produced a tsunami effect in the city. As Port Alberni is on an inlet, the water after the quake was funneled, gathering height and speed, creating larger waves than anywhere else, devastating the whole village, without any loss of life.

Yesterday I discovered this piece.


I had not read this before hearing from the Lord in the early hours of that same morning. It was not on the internet for me to read!

Though seismologists have telling us for MANY years there will be another ‘BIG one’, earthquakes that is; I do not think that is what the whisper was referring to. It was a simile. The kingdom of God coming will be like….a tsunami, like a very large wave, visible by all!

When the church was having renewal in the 1990’s, one of the messages we received was that this was just a taste. That real revival would come in full force among the disenfranchised of society; these were named: first nations, women, the poor, and the addicted.

Port Alberni is one of many significant sites of first nations communities where heinous acts of racism took place, including the residential school system.

A fresh, observable movement is about to take place in Canada. A high tide of love and hope will be  raising up and restoring first nations communities and others who have been isolated, passed over, neglected, even abused.

He has shown me this because He is releasing a blueprint of a strategy for this new move, in order for us to partner with Him. He is raising up witnesses to say, as Peter, ” This is that…” Acts 2:16

This word coincides with one given by John Perks of Breakthrough Ministries and Be a Hero, of Kelowna, BC. on Sunday January 21https://www.facebook.com/BreakthroughChurchKelowna/videos/1046999348807447/?hc_ref=ARRRt6QOP8D2DYuyzKax-O8bh5Gm6St7jLTKkC7lyC9yHOPIM0vpTl29KKnrG1mehCI

We are living in exciting times.










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